Tess Yaney is a photographer based out of Atlanta and New York.  Being exposed to photography at such an early age, she learned to have that artistic eye necessary for making images due to her family's emphasis of the importance to learning about art.  However, it was not until college when she began thinking of this particular field as her own.  Previously having studied fashion design and then years of art history at Montclair State University in her homestate of New Jersey,  Tess began to pursue her newfound interest, embarking on a new adventure away from home at Savannah College of Art and Design in Atlanta, where she will be graduating this upcoming June.  Her goal is to continue to learn more about her field, the world as well as herself through dedicating her time there, has successfully developed and realized her passions in photography.  Incorporating all her previous knowledge and side skills such as art history, sewing, theater and more into her photography creating an out of the ordinary point of view.

Self - Portrait  as Anna Karenina , 2010.

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